Brad Sumpter - Guitar
Brad is a Colorado native who began playing guitar at age 13. Originally a classical guitarist he soon found more opportunity in other genres. He switched to rock and then to country music as his path. When the opportunity to join Honkytonk Voodoo came along he jumped at the chance to play with such talented and experienced musicians. Brads favorite part of playing is the chance to play with high caliber entertainers and to grow as a player as well as spending time with experienced players. In his free time Brad enjoys cycling and recording and producing in his studio at home.

Toby Cushing - Bass
Toby is originally from Texas but now calls Colorado home. He started playing bass 17 years ago with hopes of being a country star. Toby enjoys the fun he has with his bandmates and the music they create together. Forever the joker of the group, Toby enjoys the brotherhood and camraderie of the band. He also contributes to the vocals for the group, singing some of the popular country hits that Honkytonk Voodoo crowds love to hear! When Toby isn't listening to country music, he enjoys listening to the blues. In his free time, he loves spending time with his adorable daughter, fishing and watching sports. His dream for Honkytonk Voodoo is to go as far as they can, having fun along the way!

Ken Wilson- Drums
Ken is a Denver native who started playing the drums when he was 10 years old. Throughout his music career, Ken has played in popular Denver rock bands, eventually breaking into country music. His favorite thing about Honkytonk Voodoo are the live performances and he is looking forward to the band reaching the next level of writing, recording and touring. Among his favorite memories with the band are opening for national acts and working with so many great musicians. In addition to country music, Ken enjoys rock music and blues. In his free time, Ken enjoys shooting sports and reading, in particular history and government.
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